For clients looking to reduce lighting electric and water costs, URS offers a “one stop shop” whereby URS handles the entire LED lighting and/or water conservation project from assessment, product procurement, installation, rebates, and post-install warranty issues.

  • URS specializes in LED lighting retrofits for the multiple-family sector (market rate, student housing, affordable, military housing, etc.).
  • Due to our relationships with leading LED manufacturers URS offers property owners the best products, at the most competitive pricing, with comprehensive warranties.
  • URS has national LED lighting installation teams, so property owners only deal with one point of contact for every project.
  • URS negotiates and secures LED lighting rebates for property owners.
  • URS offers financing programs including URS’ “Lighting as a Service Offering” where the entire LED lighting project expense is paid from future lighting savings, thereby eliminating any up-front cash outlay. 
  • Typical energy savings range from 60-80% on LED retrofits and ROIs of less than 1.5 years when implemented as capital projects.
  • URS is your independent LED lighting expert, providing a turnkey solution from design, product selection, logistics and fulfillment, through project completion.
  • URS provides the highest level of customer satisfaction and support throughout the warranty period.

  • Likewise, URS provides full turnkey retrofits nationally with water retrofit projects.
  • On average, our results reduce water consumption from toilets and sinks by 30-50%.
  • URS supports its clients during acquisitions, refinancing (in particular to meet Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae green loan requirements), repositioning, renovations and overall capital improvements.
  • Efficient replacement of toilets (versus retrofit) with new, leading low flow toilets and installation of new, leading showerheads as well as aerators in bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Typically complete 60-70 units per day with an average project completed in less than 2 weeks.
  • Utilize a cloud-based tracking system for management to monitor daily progress.