Since 2007, URS has been a national leader in providing seamless utility management services to real estate owners, developers, and management companies. By optimizing the intersection of development, construction, and utilities, URS maximizes net operating income and streamlines all utility operations. URS' services include utility auditing, developer assistance, sustainability services, expert guidance in gas and electric procurement, and dry utility consulting.


URS Provides Seamless Utility Management for Developers and Building Owners

  • Serves as the gatekeeper for all utility needs

  • Relieves the nightmare of transitioning utilities to operations

  • Assures streamlined services to maximize NOI from project start to turnover

  • Increases efficiency and cost savings to developers and contractors

  • Guarantees superior customer service

LED Lighting Services
URS is a national energy management firm that specializes in generating efficiency and cost savings.  We have direct relationships with the leading LED lighting manufacturers to deliver the best products with the most competitive pricing to lower your electricity costs.
Utility Audits
URS provides an unbiased, independent analysis of your utility bill back program.  We ensure that you have maximized reimbursement income and are fully compliant from a legal standpoint.
Electric & Gas Procurement
Procuring energy quickly becomes a complex and often confusing process to understand whether you are truly receiving a good deal.  We have found that even if our clients were already negotiating energy contracts, they had outgrown their approach.
Development Services
URS works with leading apartment development firms and merchant builders to streamline all aspects of utility services throughout the development process.  From the moment ground is broken until an asset is turned over to property management, URS manages “all things utilities” and provides project management expertise.

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