URS’ Electric and Gas Procurement Services give owners and operators confidence they have received the best pricing and risk management guidance for all their energy needs.

Energy procurement can be a complex and  confusing process.  URS is an independent energy advisor- not just a broker - that provides expert electric and gas procurement services to real estate owners and operators of all asset classes nationwide. We are not affiliated with any utility company or retail energy provider, and we can save our clients up to 30% on their energy bills.

Our procurement model promotes competition among the leading energy suppliers across the country to deliver the best pricing and contract terms to meet all electric and gas needs in deregulated markets. 

We provide the competitive advantage for companies not providers:

  • Advising on market timing.
  • Comparing attributes of each retail energy providing.
  • Normalizing pricing.
  • Analyzing load and risk tolerance.
  • Advising on energy products.
  • Structuring contract language and terms.
  • Evaluating hedging strategies.

Our process is simple.  We gather data to provide an in-depth comparison of energy suppliers and expected savings from each.  We conduct a performance rating including financial strength, customer service, assignability, termination penalties, billing and dispute mechanisms, and bandwidth assessment of suppliers then advise on the pros and cons of each proposal so the best decision on an energy provider can be made.

Do you want to start saving money now?