Utility Audits

URS’ Audit Services is proven to increase monthly income, annual utility NOI and corrects legal compliance issues when necessary.

URS is an independent utility expert specializing in revenue optimization for multifamily owners and operators. We audit how your third-party utility billing vendor bills your residents for various monthly utility charges and how the utility districts bill your communities for water, sewer, gas, and electricity.  Since 2007, we have audited over 900,000 apartment units nationwide and created over $1.0 billion in client asset valuation. 

We are neither a billing company nor utility and we are the only company in the country that provides this unique service of auditing third-party utility billing vendors (e.g., audit Conservice, RealPage, YES Energy, etc.). 

Our services include:

  • An independent analysis of your communities' resident utility bill back program.
  • Identify missed or under-billed utility expenses that can legally be allocated to your residents - on average, increase utility NOI by $7.00 -$10.00 per door, per month.
  • Review all utility rate structures and fees to ensure all legally reimbursable charges are recaptured.
  • Perform a legal compliance analysis for each community to ensure all state and local legal requirements are met -compliance issue corrected in 1 of every 3 communities audited.  
  • Ensure the utility district is billing your communities accurately, and if not, secure a refund and correct on a go-forward basis - on average, obtain a refund on 40% of all communities audited - median refund $6,000.  

Recent audit results:

  • Communities Audited: 330
  • Annual Incremental Income Implemented:  $6,711,561
  • Utility District Refunds: $963,016
  • Legal Compliance Issues Resolved:    259
  • Portfolio Valuation at CAP = $134M

Let URS drive utility NOI for your multifamily portfolio!

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