On Call Services

URS’ On Call Services provides seamless utility management to allow property managers and staff to focus on their core competencies.

We understand no one enjoys the frustrating chore of waiting on hold with a utility company. The time of property managers and regional managers is much more valuable.  URS takes that aggravation off your plate to give you more time to focus on managing your property portfolios. Our monthly interaction provides a continuity on which property managers can rely.

  • Monthly review of resident prebilling:
    • Ensure complete billing of requested utilities
    • Implementation of requested changes
    • Identification of inconsistencies with resident or community billing
  • Review and tracking of utility costs and billable amounts to ensure greatest recovery of utility revenues.
  • Identify and resolve errors in utility district billing to the community.
  • Assist billing vendor to minimize resident impact if there is equipment failure or the utility incorrectly bills the community.
  • Special assistance to property and regional managers:
    • Budgeting projections
    • Communications regarding specific utility related issues
    • Compliance resources
    • Account requests, questions and resolution of issues
  • Investigation services to uncover:
    • High usage bills
    • Estimated reads
    • Faulty equipment issues
  • Dispute services to assist community with recovering funds from utility districts for overbilling, usage issues and/or human error.
  • Address change/transition billing updates.
  • And numerous other services to keep utilities running smoothly for your community and your bottom line.

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