URS is an independent energy management and procurement company
that provides electric and gas procurement services to real estate
owners and operators nationwide for all asset classes:  multifamily, retail, commercial, office, industrial and hospitality. 

Founded on the principle of maintaining independence to protect the best interests of its clients, URS is not affiliated with any utility company or retail energy provider.  URS has developed a procurement model that promotes competition among the leading energy suppliers across the country, thereby providing you with the best pricing and contract terms to meet your electric and gas needs in deregulated markets.

Energy procurement can quickly become a complex and often confusing process to understand, and all "energy consultants or brokers" and deals are not created equal.  URS is not simply a broker but rather an expert energy advisor, and our first goal is understanding your energy needs and strategic objectives.  Then, URS conducts a formal Request for Pricing that is sent to multiple suppliers and creates a transparent process, so that you can evaluate the competitive bids.

Retail energy contracts are written for the benefit of the provider…not your company.  URS provides you the competitive advantage by advising on market timing, comparing the attributes of each Retail Energy Provider, normalizing pricing, analyzing load and risk tolerance, advising on energy products, structuring contract language and terms, and evaluating hedging strategies.

URS combines negotiating, financial, and technical expertise with excellence and superior service to ensure the most successful outcome.  Typically, you save up to 30% on your energy bills and gain the confidence that you’ve received the best pricing and risk management guidance as a result of our competitive process to select your supplier of choice!

URS’ tariff and data analysts use proprietary software to rigorously analyze usage history in a 12-step process to determine best pricing mode.

Performance Rating of Suppliers

  • Financial Strength
  • Customer Service
  • Assignability
  • Termination Penalties
  • Billing and Dispute Mechanism
  • Bandwidth Assessment Fees
We have found that even if our clients were already negotiating energy contracts, they had outgrown their existing consultants and were pleased to discover the opportunities that we uncovered.  It is actually more cost-effective for suppliers to work through us than directly through their own sales teams, so we obtain the best pricing.

As a reminder, the process is simple.  We gather data and then provide you a comparison of energy suppliers and the expected savings from each.  We advise you on the pros and cons of each proposal, and then you decide which energy provider to select.