URS works with leading multi-family development firms and merchant builders to streamline all aspects of utility services throughout the development process. From the moment ground is broken until an asset is turned over to property management, URS manages “all things utilities” and provides project management expertise.

Specific project management services and a high-level overview of the process include:

  • Assist in design phase/preconstruction.  Pursue utility companies to follow through on information, deadlines, and scheduling.
  • Setup of temporary utilities including construction trailers and hydrant meters.
  • Assist with abandoned utilities.
  • Assist with bond requests, deposit requirements, permit applications as determined by the utility company.
  • Obtain and complete other miscellaneous applications required by the utility company (often hundreds of applications per project).
  • Establish utility accounts with proper tax ID/billing address.
  • Coordinate with the local utility companies for installation services and billing for water, sewer, telecom, electric and gas.
  • Coordinate utility company site visits for inspections, service calls and miscellaneous project needs; scheduling off-hour appointments, if required.
  • Contact local permitting jurisdictions to ensure/confirm utility inspections passed.
  • Serve as proactive liaison between construction PM and the various utility providers to assist in keeping the project on schedule.
  • Forward invoices to Project Managers for projects in transition to operations.
  • Create spreadsheets for transitions to operations from construction when billing breakout between construction and operations may be in question.
  • Procurement of electric and gas services in deregulated markets – temporary and upon transition to property management.
  • Determine jurisdictional requirements for sub-metering; RPF for water submeters.
  • Assist with construction bill payment and transition to operations.