The image below shows the current world acceptance of the Paris Climate Accord. Because President Trump pulled out of the Agreement, the US joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries that have not ratified the agreement. For more information...Read More
The US has retaken the position as the world's top renewable energy market for the first time in four years. For more on renewables and how the US stacks up, see "This Week's Take-Away" below. Natural Gas in Underground Storage The...Read More
The human race has broken another record on its race to ecological collapse. For the first time in human history — not recorded history, but since humans have existed on Earth — carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has topped 415 parts per million,...Read More
The image below is an artist's rendering (several years ago) of an electric vehicle being charged by a residential battery system, receiving it's electricity from solar panels and a small-wind turbine. While residential solar installations and...Read More
The picture below shows what can happen when oil drilling is not properly permitted or supervised. Here, a pelican covered in oil struggles to stay alive. For more, see, "Geopolitical" below. Natural Gas in Underground Storage The weekly...Read More
The picture below shows a Dallas worker in front of a restaurant that is now open for business. Will the restaurant's patrons be issued gloves and masks while they eat? For more, see "This Week's Key Take-Away" below. Natural Gas in...Read More
The picture below reminds us of the hit that Coal Electric Generation has taken over the past several years. The Coronavirus epidemic is hastening the demise of coal as a fuel worldwide. For more, see "This Week's Key Take-Away" below....Read More
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has reported that since the start of the Covid pandemic, CO2 emissions worldwide have dropped by almost 8%, stunning scientists. While the reduction will probably be short-term, it is a huge drop in...Read More
The picture below is of the 2020 Honda Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, (FCV) which will be available soon in California. Leasing will be available from $379/mo for 36 months ($2,878 due at signing) with an available $5,000 rebate for...Read More
The formerly unthinkable drop in oil prices below $0 a barrel on Monday is still reverberating through financial markets, as supply overwhelms demand destroyed by the coronavirus pandemic, forcing some energy companies into possible bankruptcy...Read More


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