OK, what is a picture of a pig (even a cute one!) doing in an Energy Report? It turns out that the nation’s largest pork producer raises more than 30 million hogs per year. They make a lot of... gas (you knew that). In fact, the methane produced...Read More
The drawing below shows several sustainable sources of renewable energy. The DOE has announced new funding for lowering demand in older commercial buildings, as the US moves towards a greener energy future. For more, see "Sustainable and...Read More
The picture below shows the process that plants use to create energy from sunlight. A breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis to produce clean energy is underway. For more, see "Sustainable and Renewable Energy" below. Natural Gas in...Read More
The picture above highlights the polar dialectical battle going on for dominance in energy production. While the EIA points to the generation from fossil fuels, others point to the rise in "clean" energy production. For more, see "Geopolitical"...Read More
The picture above shows states potential for geothermal power plants. The United States leads the world in the amount of geothermal electricity generation. In 2019, there were geothermal power plants in seven states, which produced about 16...Read More
The picture below shows damage in Louisiana from Hurricane Laura. It may be months before power is restored to all of the flooded areas. over 300,000 customers remain without power in Louisiana, with the southwestern portion of the state the...Read More
New luminous Legos? A strain of Covid? Nope. The picture above shows Hydrogen atoms. Lately a media darling for energy production, hydrogen has been in the news a lot lately. But is it ready for prime time in energy generation? For more,...Read More
The picture above shows Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, whose National Energy Platform is being hailed by green energy enthusiasts and decried by petrochemical supporters. For more information, see "Geopolitical" and "This Week's Takeaways"...Read More
The picture above shows a combined wind and solar farm. Both technologies are growing quickly. In 2019, renewable energy counted for approximately 17% of US energy production. For more information, see "Geopolitical' below. Natural Gas in...Read More
The picture above shows a an electric car, developed by Chinese company, Singulato. Chinese electric cars have been getting excellent reviews over the past few years and one automaker, Kandi will bring it's $13,000 auto to the US this year....Read More


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