The picture above shows a 250-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell system designed to help Microsoft explore the potential of using fuel cells for backup power generation at data centers.  For more information, see "Sustainable and Renewable...Read More
Sudden pressure changes for fish travelling past a traditional dam can kill them, even if they make it past the turbine blades For more information, see "Sustainable and Renewable Energy" below. Natural Gas in Underground Storage The weekly...Read More
The picture above, taken from the 39th floor of an office tower shows shows air pollution in a major city prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. One US study, by a well-respected group at Harvard University, found that air pollution is linked...Read More
The illustration beloow shows shows the CityHawk, a hydrogen-based flying vehicle being developed in Israel. The goal of Urban Aeronautics, the developer is to become the Uber of the air. For more information, see "Sustainable and Renewable Energy"...Read More
The diagram above shows the simple design of a Geothermal electricity generator. One company is trying to harness the power of a volcano to produce electricity. For more information, see "Sustainable and Renewable Energy" below. Natural...Read More
The image below shows the current world acceptance of the Paris Climate Accord. Because President Trump pulled out of the Agreement, the US joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries that have not ratified the agreement. For more information...Read More
The US has retaken the position as the world's top renewable energy market for the first time in four years. For more on renewables and how the US stacks up, see "This Week's Take-Away" below. Natural Gas in Underground Storage The...Read More
The human race has broken another record on its race to ecological collapse. For the first time in human history — not recorded history, but since humans have existed on Earth — carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has topped 415 parts per million,...Read More
The image below is an artist's rendering (several years ago) of an electric vehicle being charged by a residential battery system, receiving it's electricity from solar panels and a small-wind turbine. While residential solar installations and...Read More
The picture below shows what can happen when oil drilling is not properly permitted or supervised. Here, a pelican covered in oil struggles to stay alive. For more, see, "Geopolitical" below. Natural Gas in Underground Storage The weekly...Read More


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