LED Retrofit Results

Cost/Benefit Analysis, 292 Unit Multi-Family Building

LED Retrofit Results 292 units, including:
  • Project Breakdown
  • Key Decision Points for Implementation
  • Overall Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cost of Waiting Analysis
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Details

Found Money

Micro-analysis delivers our client material value

The management team for a national apartment REIT employed Utility Revenue Services to review their utility reimbursement practices for their West Coast portfolio. The portfolio consisted of communities representing approximately 8,800 apartment units. Our client was using four different sub-metering companies for this portfolio.
The client’s objectives were:

"Is It Time for an Energy Retrofit?"

Energy retrofitting is becoming an increasingly popular way to recoup investments, attract and retain residents and address environmental concerns all at the same time.

Owners throughout the multifamily industry are intrigued by the notion of energy retrofitting. Whether using tried-and-true methods or new approaches, energy retrofits have the potential to deliver dramatic bottom-line gains, attract and retain residents, and address social imperatives such as climate risk.

Hospitality Case Study

Utility Revenue Services was engaged by a leading luxury resort company to provide energy procurement services and to design and execute an LED retrofit solution for a hotel property.

URS conducted an RFP process and negotiated and secured a customized gas contract that resulted in the reduction of gas expenses by 35% in peak months and approximately $50K annually. The LED retrofit solution resulted in an improvement in lighting efficiency of 83% overall.

Development Services Case Study

Utility Revenue Services (URS) was engaged by a leading multifamily development company to manage and streamline the development process with regard to utilities for its national portfolio of 50+ assets in development.

Specifically, URS assisted in:
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction Process
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